On January 26 at 7pm at the Melissa Rotary at Night event, Mayor Northcut will bring us up to date on all that is happening in the Melissa area.  This will be held at the Melissa ISD administrative offices at 1904 Cooper St, Melissa, TX 75454.  Everyone is welcome to attend.
Mayor Northcut said in his mayor's message to the City of Melissa, as a result of record home-building and commercial growth, our community is beginning to have access to a robust and diverse business community ranging from home service providers, medical professionals, early childhood education facilities, restaurants, fast food outlets, and coffee shops, all the way to retail auto parts services.
The City has developed the "Melissa Development Dashboard, a great online tool for developers, commercial businesses, and members of the community to keep up with the plans and progress, the "City of Melissa StoryMap".  Anyone who signs up for email can also receive updates to City committee and council meeting agendas and minutes.
Mark your calendars for this event, where you can get a first-hand look at what is happening in the City of Melissa.