Melissa Rotary Club
Week of January 10th 2022

Volume 2022 | Issue 2

Theme of the month is Vocational Service

Meet in person at the ISD Building 
Thursday Jan 13th  at 1904 Cooper St  7:30 to 8:30AM
Breakfast by Kathy M
Invocation by John C
Pledge by Mike S
4 Way Test by Jesse H
Join us via Zoom at: 
On January 13th we will be hearing from Anil Srivatsa about the Gift of Life. Anil is a rotary and military brat and has found purpose in his life after a 30 year old checkered corporate and entrepreneurial career.  He now spends a 1/4 of his time in a year driving around the world championing the cause of Organ Donation with a goal of reaching a million people with this message of compassion and fighting fear for love. He has traveled across 44 countries by road telling his story to over 127K people via over 550 talks and spoken at over 100 rotary clubs urging them to take on organ donation projects. To facilitate this he has started a motley crew of 50 plus Rotarians and applied to start a Rotary Action Group for Organ Donation. 
On Jan 20th we will be hearing from Ruth Thompson Founder, Hugs Cafe, Inc. In 2012, she dreamed of a restaurant where the majority of those employed would be adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  With the support of her husband, she formed a nonprofit organization and in October 2015, opened the doors to Hugs Cafe.  Through a lot of hard work and the grace of God, the dream became a reality.  During the fall of 2018, the organization opened Hugs Greenhouse, another social enterprise that employs other adults with special abilities who have no interest in working in food service but a love of the outdoors.  In 2015, Ruth was named one of McKinney’s Top 25 Women in Business. She has been given the Community Builder Award by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas. In 2017, she received the “Quality of Life” Award from the McKinney Community Development Corporation.
Last week's actions
Last week several our members gathered in the cold at the Melissa Cemetery to perform the second half of a service project by picking up the wreaths we helped to place back on December 18th. After picking up wreaths we adjourned to Sugar Babes for coffee and donuts to warm up and catch up with each other. Our work was well received by the community with over a 1000 likes on our Face Book Post.
Craig has lived in Dallas since age 4. He learned to fly at age 17 and started his career in aviation after a 3 year service in the US army.  He flew professionally for over 45years.  He has flown to every state in the Union, Alaska  too many times even the north pole!  He has been all over Europe,  Africa,  South America Central  America,  Mexico,  Morocco,  Egypt,   Saudi Arabia, Qatar,   Russia and   the  Black Sea.     He has crossed the oceans many, many times!  He has nine jet 
Type ratings  a DC3 rating and has flown  about 14 different airplanes  end still loves to fly!
Craig and Raeleen have four children,   2 boys and 2 girls all married with  7 grand children.    Craig has coached soccer for 3 of the kids,  attended many  boring gymnastic meets and baseball games  He has been a super  Dad and Granddad. 
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