Melissa Rotary Club
Week of March 13tth 2023

Volume 2023 | Issue 8

Theme of the month is:  Water, Sanitation

Morning Meeting 
the Crossland Learning Center
Thursday March 16th 7:30 to 8:30
Breakfast by Dana W
Invocation by Jesse H
Pledge by John C
4 Way Test by Mike S

Participants should park in the back lot northeast of the Melissa ISD headquarters buildings.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 871 0092 7164
Passcode: 549012
On Thursday 3-16 we will be conducting a Club meeting with a focus on Committee work. Ken will be sharing the Strategic plan and Committee Goals to each f the Committee Chairs. The Service Committee will be meeting to discuss projects.  Other committees that would like to meet can make plans.
Remember to park around back.
On March 23rd for our evening program, we will hear from Lydiah Tate, VP of Truist Bank. Lydiah will be telling us about mission group that supports student to succeed.  Neema Mission provides merit and need based scholarships to high performing students in East Africa and USA. We also provide mentorship and career development resources through high school and college. Our programs allow a corporation or individual to adopt a student and work with them from high school through college, to career establishment. Participants in the program can be involved in our annual volunteer travel programs organized by Neema Mission International.
Last week's actions
LLast week we heard from Jeff Card, the President of Earth.Vision.  Jeff is responsible for setting the vision and strategy for keeping Earth.Vision as the market-leading, full-service solution for the commercial real estate industry's marketing and geographic needs. Jeff is also a founder and managing partner of The Red Feather, a full-service, family-friendly wine bar. Jeff and his wife Meagan have four children and have been Melissa residents since 2014.
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