Melissa area college-bound students and their parents have a unique upcoming opportunity to learn about a customized game plan for becoming employable long before they graduate.  
Steve Longo, Managing Partner of the NextStep Coaching LLC program will provide details Thursday, August 25th, at 7:00pm.  This timely meeting is for college students, freshman through seniors, as well as "not yet employed" graduates, and family members.  
This special Rotary at Night meeting will be held in the Melissa Administration building, 1904 Cooper Street, Melissa, TX  75454.
Undergraduates often have been led to believe their degree should be a ticket to a job – if not a career - right out of school, and are shocked to learn that in the real world, it takes a whole lot more than that.
Around 30 years ago, as a Pepperdine University student and basketball player, Steve Longo knew that while an undergraduate business degree wasn’t exactly a ticket to a career, it would help him get his first job. Now, as managing partner of NextStep Coaching, LLC, Steve helps college students from freshmen to seniors, and "not yet employed" college graduates, by coaching them on how to become employable.
As part of a customized game plan and coaching program, students prepare to get hired long before they set out for the job market after college.
Along with the usual resume/cover letter and job application skills, students learn how to earn internships, dress for success, prepare for interviews, properly execute career fairs and most importantly, how to network their talents into a career position upon graduation. NextStep also coaches students to prepare by becoming active in community service and campus clubs and organizations. By getting beyond the classroom, they can gain precious leadership and managerial skills, qualities companies look for in their new hires, which often aren't taught in the classroom. 

Longo excels at being an entrepreneur and a sales and marketing professional.  Partnering with the largest advertising firms in the country, Steve’s career spans 30 years with over $150 million in sales. With this background, he has the contacts and understanding of the markets and industries to help students build a solid foundation for moving from college to career.