The Melissa Rotary Club (pictured are Ken Truax and John Cave) teamed up with the Melissa Park Village (John Palmer) to provide the award for Allie Rosier, the teacher of the year at Melissa Ridge Education Center.  
On August 8th, 2022, "teachers of the year" at 10 Melissa ISD schools were recognized.  This Convocation was held at the MHS Arts Center, celebrating outstanding work by these teachers, the district, and departments supporting the Melissa ISD.
Melissa ISD Superintendant Keith Murphy opened with a very positive recognition of ALL the Melissa ISD staff, board of directors, administration, teachers, and support staff.  The "Cardinal Way", focusing on Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Humility, and Hope, provides a beneficial and positive foundational culture in the schools.  He emphasized the importance of teamwork that the employees and students in Melissa demonstrate:  teachers and students, teachers and parents, teachers and administration, teachers and teachers.
The guest speaker, Andre Bradford, a.k.a. "S.C. Says", an Austin based slam poet, performing slam poetry since 2013, received a standing ovation.  His mission is to create more empathetic communities and cultures using artistry and spoken word.
The awards ceremony, in which awards were given to teachers of the year from each school, as well as special awards to Melissa ISD department employees, was led by Walter Perez.  
Sponsors were:
  • MREC - Melissa Ridge Education Center - Melissa Park Village and Melissa Rotary Club
  • HME - Harry McKillop Elementary - Bietsch ("beach") Orthodontics 
  • NCE - North Creek Elementary - HOLCIM construction materials
  • WWE - Willow Wood Elementary - Freedom Health Centers and Sugar Babes
  • SGC - Sixth Grade Center - Curt Feagin Farmers Insurance and Jeremiah's Ice
  • MMS - Melissa Middle School - Texas Republic Bank
  • MHS - Melissa High School - The Dougout
  • District - US Oil and Neighborhood Credit Union
  • Paraprofessionals - Wildflower ObGyn
  • Technology - Wellott Electrical
  • Custodian - Texas Tiny Teeth
  • Transportation - Paradise Dental
  • Operations - Exodus Mechanical
  • Gifts for raffle - All Things Coffee/Starbucks (basket), Texas Republic Bank (TV), Bella Couture Salon (Gucci bag)